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Charity Luiskutty

Vacation Planner
Hi, I’m Charity, a vacation planner with Platinum Mouse, and I look forward to helping your family execute the vacation of your dreams! My love for all things Disney grew even deeper when I had three young kids, all with multiple, life-threatening food allergies. We learned the Disney chefs are absolute magic makers. 🌟 Walt Disney World is where we experienced our first true vacation and have returned every chance we get. We have had the incredible opportunity to show our kids different parts of the world on multiple Disney cruises while having the times of our lives provided by their exceptional customer service and experiences. We also love spending time at the Disney Parks in California and enjoying the amazing adventures at Universal Orlando, too. I am passionate about empowering other families to enjoy this beautiful gift that Disney is able to give our families. My help is free if you book through me and I’ll walk you through every step of the way. “We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” Winnie The Pooh

Charity's clients say...

I recently had a cruise booked for me by Charity Luiskutty. I asked if there was a place I could leave a review for her because I wanted the world to know what a phenomenal help she was in securing a last minute birthday adventure. From the moment I texted her the idea and was still unsure of the dates I wanted to go, Charity was sending me screenshots of options and talking me through everything answering any questions. She talked me through things I hadn’t thought to consider which was super helpful to my frazzled indecisive brain. Along the way she called the DCL multiple times on my behalf, always getting answers in lightning McQueen speed. She notified me when the price for my selection dropped and helped me secure the low price even when the next day it had gone up again. Charity was so attentive in helping me plan and decide this last minute (two weeks out!) trip. She made me feel so important like her only priority in life was getting me on that ship even though in reality I know she has a very busy schedule. After booking she sent me the YouTube video of the Disney ship horns which was so fun to get and increased my excitement for my trip! She also offered up other useful information like joining the Facebook page for my cruise and thinking about for decorations. I loved working with Charity. She went above and beyond in helping me book this trip. I highly recommend her to any client!

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